The importance of carpet cleaning

Autumn and the weather conditions that accompany it usually lead to the proliferation of allergy outbreaks, for this reason, those affected make even more effort in cleaning routines to avoid the accumulation of dust on household items as much as possible. : shelves, cabinets, extra ventilation of the rooms and carpet cleaning, a fundamental action that many overlook.

Specialists in creating hypoallergenic environments warn that carpets can become true breeding grounds for bacteria if not properly cared for. Although the data may seem alarming, bacterial infections do not represent any main risk, especially when we talk about rugs knotted with natural materials, and made without any acrylic component.

How often do the rugs need to be cleaned?

The deep cleaning of each rug will depend on the area of ​​the house in which it is located and the use that is given to it. It is recommended that if there are people with allergies in the home, hire a commercial carpet cleaning services in Charlotte, NC  once a year and, regularly, vacuum to remove dust.

Contrary to popular belief, ammonia is not recommended for cleaning Persian and Oriental rugs; The most recommended is washing with soap and water. If any liquid falls on the carpet, it is advisable to dry it quickly with an absorbent cloth and, if necessary, notify a specialist. If your rugs are dirty, you can try to clean them yourself or contact good professionals who carry out an artisan treatment as is done in the countries of origin.

Pets, especially in the puppy phase, can also be another reason why your carpets are not completely clean. In these cases, it is recommended to request professional cleaning services, since cat or dog urine or vomit leave important stains caused by the acids they contain,  which are difficult to remove and require specific products that neutralize said acids and odours and help keep the good quality of the carpet intact.

Inadequate cleaning, dry or with abundant chemical products, without a good previous vacuuming, leaves residues on the carpet, it will attract more dust and make it get dirty faster. A good wash, in addition to disinfecting, ensures that the materials do not weaken and makes rugs more resistant.