Using a Limo to Obtain Seed Funding

Startups can be a great way to get your idea turned into reality in the world at this current point in time, and as a result of the fact that this is the case if you have some type of innovation that you are trying really hard to find a way to share with people then using it in a startup might be a pretty decent road for you to consider taking.Now, the thing that you need to know about startups is that in order to get them up and running off the ground you are going to need some seed funding without a shadow of a doubt.

Obtaining seed funding is all about wooing venture capitalists who might be willing to consider your enterprise and investing in it. Renting Ft Myers limo services can often be pretty useful here since it would greatly increase the likelihood that they might be willing to invest in you. The way that this works is that they will try to come up with some kind of a valuation of what your enterprise is truly worth, and then they will buy a percentage ownership of your company and give you a corresponding amount.

For example, if your company receives a 1 million dollar valuation and they want a 10% ownership of it, this would mean that they would give you 1 hundred thousand dollars. This money won’t be yours to keep though, you will have to maintain a really strict record of what you are spending it on. Generally speaking you will be required to spend the money on things like setting up an office and buying equipment to start developing a product.